We’ve seen enough of the Web to know that when people can be anonymous, hate follows.
– Michael Carney via JeffTurner.com
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Practice constant devotion to the precious object. 

Practice constant devotion to the precious object. 

Meet Gmail’s New Inbox (by @Google)

Actively take chances on others, even when it is at a risk to you. Seek out those that will take a chance on you.

Hard to believe this is actual game footage » Gran Turismo 6 Announcement Trailer (by @PlayStation)

L'uritonnoir - Urinal by Faltazi

"cleaner and greener than a porta-potty"

This is crazy. Someone should tell this girl that this can’t be done (by gippi singh)

Amazing version of this song.

In 2007 both the City of San Francisco and the entire African Country of Rwanda banned the plastic bag.

Connor’s Final Floor court construction (by Nicholas Schwartz)

What exactly are we storing away in the boxes we cart from place to place? Much of what Americans consume doesn’t even find its way into boxes or storage spaces, but winds up in the garbage.

Volkswagen Beetle Slowmercial - Introduction (by DDBBrussels)